The “Confederate” Flag issue

I’m a southerner. I love fried chicken, watermelon and running around with no shoes on, I get yelled at for the last one, I’m a diabetic, mean people. I love the south. The people here are kind and genuine, for the most part. The fast lane here is as slow as you want it to be. I would live in no other part of the country.
Having said that, if you don’t think the “Confederate” flag is offensive, you are an idiot. First of all, the flag you seem to worship is not the Confederate flag. It is the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia.

flag 4

The Confederacy had three national flags.


flag 2

flag 3

Which flag is the true flag?

You say, “it’s about my heritage!!” What heritage? The one where you became rebels against the lawful government? The one where you lost? Is that something to be proud of? Really?

But let’s look at what is called the Confederate flag. Up until the 1940’s, this flag was hidden away. It was NOT flown over government buildings. It became popular in the 40’s because the government, you know, the one you rebelled against and lost to, decided it would be a good idea to make a federal law making it illegal to lynch black people. The people of the south decided they didn’t like that idea, so they pulled an old musty flag out of storage. That’s your heritage.
But, I can hear you say, the flag has always flown over our government buildings. No, it hasn’t. It wasn’t until 1963 that Alabama raised the flag, in protest of desegregation. It wasn’t until 1956 that the flag was integrated into the Georgia flag. An investigation shows that the only reason it was put there, was racially motivated.

That’s the heritage of the “Confederate” flag. You can be proud of it if you choose, but actually learn what you are being proud of. A symbol of treason. A symbol of loss. And a symbol of racial hatred.


Hi, My name is Jamie Dodge. I am a full time writer and a full time caregiver. I generally write science fiction, but will dabble in almost anything, I can't write romance to save my life. I was born and raised in Central Florida into a large Italian family. The youngest by four years I had the advantage of being taught to read by the time I was 3. I don't think a day had gone by since then, where I haven't had a book in my hands at some point. One day I figured I would try my hand at it, so I wrote my first novel, The Forgotten Edge. I always get asked why I use the profile picture I do. I wish I could tell you, but I can't. It is a promise I made a few years ago, and I will honor it until I am given permission not to. That's it. That's me. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about my writing process and the other things that I find interesting.

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