Laura Harner, it isn’t nice to steal

I’ve been trying to come up with something to write on here for the last couple of days. I don’t want to bore you all with a constant list of things I’m working on, it even bores me. I was having trouble until a few minutes ago when my friend Woelf posted a story on his Facebook feed.

Here’s the story. Go ahead and read it, I’ll wait.

Writing is hard. If an author tells you that it’s easy, they are doing one of two things: lying or lying. Yes, sometimes the words flow easily, they did for me with The Forgotten Edge. That doesn’t mean that the craft isn’t hard. For just one scene in TFE I spent three days researching how to make a fish trap. That scene was literally four sentences long. I read about it. I watched videos. I even tried to make one. What I did not do was go to someone’s book and write a word for word copy of how to do it.

There is no excuse for stealing the work of someone else. The original writer worked hard to come up with a story that they spent a lot of time on. To think that it’s okay to go in and change a “she” to a “he” and resell it as your own original work is disgusting. It takes away from the craft of writing. It is theft at it’s lowest form. This woman not only stole the work of another, actual author, but she stole the money of the people who had become her fans.

I can hear you saying to yourself, “Isn’t that what you and the other authors of The Collective Scifi are doing? You’re all just changing a story.” No, it isn’t even close. We aren’t doing a word for word copy. While we are staying true to the original stories, we are changing them completely. Bas Celik, the story that I am making into Head of Steel is a least three hundred years old. I put that story thousands of years into the future and I am also combining the original folk tale with the blog posts I write on the Collective’s website, which you should go read.

 ” I write about certain concerns related to military service for a reason; however, I am not offering that as an excuse. I just think whenever someone acts so out of character, it’s helpful to ask why.”

You are using your other writings as an excuse for stealing the works of other authors or you wouldn’t have brought it up. Not only are you using the military as an excuse, but you want us to sympathize with you and ask you why you did it? Are you joking? You did it because you are too damned lazy to come up with your own ideas and thought, “Hey, I can just change a few words and slap a new name and cover on it and the money will roll in.” Oh, and it apparently isn’t “out of character” because Amazon has pulled at least ten of your books because of this issue.

What really gets to me is people are defending her. Let me make this clear, THERE IS NO DEFENDING A THIEF. She stole the works of another author and claimed them as her own. There is nothing defensible about that. If you are a fan, I’m sorry, but you were duped by a liar.

Rant over.


Hi, My name is Jamie Dodge. I am a full time writer and a full time caregiver. I generally write science fiction, but will dabble in almost anything, I can't write romance to save my life. I was born and raised in Central Florida into a large Italian family. The youngest by four years I had the advantage of being taught to read by the time I was 3. I don't think a day had gone by since then, where I haven't had a book in my hands at some point. One day I figured I would try my hand at it, so I wrote my first novel, The Forgotten Edge. I always get asked why I use the profile picture I do. I wish I could tell you, but I can't. It is a promise I made a few years ago, and I will honor it until I am given permission not to. That's it. That's me. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about my writing process and the other things that I find interesting.

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One comment on “Laura Harner, it isn’t nice to steal
  1. And the other difference is that at the Collective SF we don’t pretend that these fairytales, lore and legends are our own. In fact, we clearly and explicitly explain that the very nature of our shared universe is based on these ancient tales being misinterpreted as fact. What follows is a wholly reimagined story.

    Harner took another author’s work and pretended the words originated from her mind.

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