Winds of change

Sorry everyone, I know it’s been a while. The seasons changed and so did a lot of things in my life.


I had to move out of the place I called home for eighteen years. It was much harder than I thought it would be. I’m not a very sentimental person but after all the years of laughter, love, and even pain it was a difficult transition to make. Leaving behind the life you knew for something different was painful but I know that it was for the best. The old house was loaded with mold and was basically falling apart around us.


I also had to get a full time job for a few months. I loved it. I was working with some of the best artists in the country. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is to work with such creative people. Alas, the winds blew in another direction and I had to leave a job I truly loved. On a bright note, I have become friends with some amazing people. I hope to share some of their work later on.


My writing schedule was shot the day I made it. I was being ridiculously unrealistic in what I was wanting to achieve. The consequences of that is, nothing got done. Not a single thing. I put myself under so much pressure, I lost my creativeness. I am NOT a deadline person. I write as the muse takes me. The muse was silent for months. A few days ago I sat at my desk and opened one of the stories I had been working on. All of a sudden the muse opened its voice and started speaking to me again. The joy I felt just writing the little bit I did was overwhelming. So, from now on, no more self imposed deadlines. When the story is written, it is written and not before.


Today is the one year anniversary of my fairy tale Head of Steel. Saturday is the second anniversary of my first novel, The Forgotten Edge. I decided to put Head up for free for a couple of days and Edge is on a countdown deal starting the fifteenth. If your interested, there is a button somewhere on this page you can press that takes you to my Amazon page.




For those of you interested, I have gotten my writing area 95% done. I don’t know what the other five percent is, but it just doesn’t feel complete to me. Maybe you can help.






What do you think?


Hi, My name is Jamie Dodge. I am a full time writer and a full time caregiver. I generally write science fiction, but will dabble in almost anything, I can't write romance to save my life. I was born and raised in Central Florida into a large Italian family. The youngest by four years I had the advantage of being taught to read by the time I was 3. I don't think a day had gone by since then, where I haven't had a book in my hands at some point. One day I figured I would try my hand at it, so I wrote my first novel, The Forgotten Edge. I always get asked why I use the profile picture I do. I wish I could tell you, but I can't. It is a promise I made a few years ago, and I will honor it until I am given permission not to. That's it. That's me. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about my writing process and the other things that I find interesting.

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4 comments on “Winds of change
  1. Bud Johnson says:

    Looking very organized.


  2. Josie says:

    I for one, am glad you are back…I’ve missed The Collective voice (and your own singular one and I’m glad your muse is speaking to you again). The room needs a dog or a cat and a fireplace or make believe one.

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