Sometimes you have to say goodbye

It is with much thought, and great sadness, that I announce that I will be leaving The Collective SciFi effective immediately. This wasn’t an easy decision for me to make. I was the “voice” of The God Machine.


Most of the members have decided they want to go in another direction. It is one I am not comfortable with or interested in. That is okay. I wish them all nothing but the best of luck in what they are setting out to do. It is extremely hard to get thirteen people to agree on anything. I think we did a pretty good damn job of it over the last year and a half. Please continue to support them as they head in this new direction. They are just a wonderful group of writers who deserve your support.


I will finish both Head of Steel and the origin story of The God Machine. Both of these stories are now part of me and I can’t let them fall to the way side.


We also had to say goodbye to one of our national hero’s here in the U.S.




John Herschel Glenn Jr. left us on December 8th. Although I wasn’t born when he set foot on the moon, he was a giant among men to me. Imagine a little boy looking up at the stars thinking about what ifs. He blew past the what ifs and actually did. He was a hero and a treasure to the world. R.I.P. Mr. Glenn.


Hi, My name is Jamie Dodge. I am a full time writer and a full time caregiver. I generally write science fiction, but will dabble in almost anything, I can't write romance to save my life. I was born and raised in Central Florida into a large Italian family. The youngest by four years I had the advantage of being taught to read by the time I was 3. I don't think a day had gone by since then, where I haven't had a book in my hands at some point. One day I figured I would try my hand at it, so I wrote my first novel, The Forgotten Edge. I always get asked why I use the profile picture I do. I wish I could tell you, but I can't. It is a promise I made a few years ago, and I will honor it until I am given permission not to. That's it. That's me. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about my writing process and the other things that I find interesting.

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