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Emperor Least?

By Chiaron Rose

As I walked up the steps to the Royal Palace, I couldn’t help but be awed by its magnificence. I, like everyone else, had seen it on vid, but this was different. It takes up thirty city streets on the Palace Road. Four spires, at least two hundred feet tall, can be seen for miles. The white facade of the building gleamed in the early morning sunlight.

I reached the top of the ninety-nine steps and turned to look. You can see most of Malhuer. The city was teeming with visitors from all over Cinera. Emperor Least has done things to allow every day citizens to come and speak their minds to The Council. Some people rejoiced over this new policy. Others have complained that it takes away from the Emperor.

Greeting me at the door was none other than His Grace. I wasn’t expecting this and it must have shown because His Grace took my arm and told me how wonderful it was to meet me. He led me down a number of hallways until we reached the Throne Room. The wooden doors are gilded in gold work that sparkles. The door was opened by what can only be described as a wall. The guard has to stand almost seven feet tall. His uniform, while beautiful, showed rippling muscles. He never spoke a word, just looked straight ahead.

The Throne room is huge, draped in His Majesties blue. Expecting His Majesty to be seated at his throne, I started to make my way to the huge chairs at the back of the room, but His Grace pulled my arm slightly and ushered me to a door off to the side. After a knock, I was led into His Majesties private office. It was a sea of different woods from all over Cinera. The book shelves were packed with what looked like histories. His majesty was seated at his desk. When he saw me he rose and walked around to greet me.

This was the first interview His Majesty has given since he was crowned. Why he chose me, a lowly reporter, and a Grell at that, over more highly qualified reporters I didn’t understand, but I was thrilled none the less.

Chiaron Rose: Your Majesty, it’s an honor to meet you. Thank you for taking time to meet with me and answer some questions that I know are on everyone’s mind.

His Majesty: It is my honor. It’s time the people of Cinera get to know me.

CR: You were crowned just three months ago. How does it feel to be Emperor?

HM: Honestly? It’s scary sometimes. I have to make decisions that affect millions of lives. It’s humbling and scary. I love it though. I have been able to meet with all kinds of people and hear many ideas.

CR: Speaking of that, you have enacted some policies that some people find unfitting of your office, namely, you have allowed the Grell access to you and The Council. Can you explain why you did this?

HM: For far to long our peoples have lived together, yet we have always been separate from each other. I’ve never really understood why that was. We are, the Grell and humans, all a part of this beautiful planet we live on. I am the Emperor of all the peoples, not just the humans, I want the Grell to know that I am here to listen to them.

CR: What of those who call for an end to this?

HM: They can make calls all they want. This is now the policy of this government. I have spoken and it is done. Listen Chiaron, how can we be one people if we never speak? How can we help each other if we stay separate? I do not want the Grell to change. They are a wonderful people with an amazing history and culture. What I do want is for them to know that I am here. I am willing to listen to their concerns. I am willing to take actions when needed. For years it was illegal for the Grell to open a business in Malhuer. That has ended. It was illegal for them to walk the Palace Road, That has ended. We are one people now. Look at you. You are the first Grell reporter for ANN. I think that is amazing and I want more of it.

To say this reporter was shocked by this statement is an understatement.

CR: So you are saying your detractors are wrong on this?

HM: Yes. The time of prejudice is past. This is a new era for Cinera and I am glad to be a part of it.

CR: What does your family think of all of this?

HM: My sisters are the greatest advisers I could ask for. They give me sound advice on almost every decision I make. My brother Joran has become my closest confidant. They not only agree with my decisions, they have come up with ideas for me to think about.

CR: You didn’t mention your brother Eyles.

HM: I haven’t spoken to my eldest brother since my coronation. We don’t see eye to eye on most things. You have to understand, he has been groomed since his birth to become Emperor. I understand why he is disappointed. I hope that one day we will be able to work out our problems. We are a family just like every other family on Cinera. We fight. We love. We fight again. At some point we will all come together and do what is right for not only us, but for the whole of Cinera.

CR: There have been reports of people disappearing from all corners of Cinera. I have done some research into this and have found that it has been going on for centuries. What does your government know of this?

HM: I have just found out about this recently. I have my brother Joran working with the Elders of both the human community and the Grell community to find out what is going on. I find it troubling that peoples of this world are just vanishing for no reason. There are rumors, but finding out what is fact and what is rumor is proving hard. Listen Chiaron Rose, we will find your younger brother. We will find out what has been going on. We will stop it.

Don’t look startled that I know about you. You were chosen to do this interview for a reason. You are Grell. You are a woman. And you have reason to question me. I am Least of Three. I am the youngest of six. My sisters are wiser. My brothers are stronger. I understand why so many out there are unsure of me. I don’t blame them. I am unsure of myself sometimes. I will, however, do what I think is best for the people of Cinera. I will fight for them. I will rejoice with them. In the end, I think I can make Cinera into a shining world. Will there be bumps along the way? Of course. If there weren’t I would question what I’m doing. We are in this together. We have to stand beside each other. We have to listen to what the person across from us has to say. We have to act.

I loved my Father, the Blessed Emperor. He was a hard man for a hard time. We were at war with each other for most of the time he reigned. That time is over. We are one. We are together through good and bad. I need the help of the people of this world. We need to all take a stand for what is good and right. My father always said that, do what is good and right. I never understood what that meant until now. I can’t explain it to you, but you will know when the time comes. Do what is good and right Chiaron, and the world we dream of will come.

CR: Thank you for taking the time with me Your Majesty.

HM: You’re welcome. You are welcome here anytime.

There you have it, the first interview with Emperor Least. I did ask him if we should call him by his given name, he told me his name was unimportant, his actions were.



Chairon Rose is a recent graduate of the Cineran Journalism School. She can be reached through the All News Network.

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